Buddhist Association of the Lehigh Valley (B.A.L.V.) - [ Chinese Edition(中文版)] [ English Edition ]

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Introducing BALV


The Buddhist Association of the Lehigh Valley, formerly known as the Lehigh Valley Buddhism Club, was founded in May 1987 by Dr. Gordon Chen of Allentown, Pennsylvania to explore Buddhism and to exchange ideas on religion and philosophy.

Goal: The primary goals of the Association are:
  • To provide people in the community an opportunity to learn authentic Buddhism.
  • To provide a forum for those who are interested in exchanging their views on religious and philosophical issues with others.

  • The Association sponsors seminars on various subjects in Buddhism. Speakers are BALV members, invited Buddhist masters, scholars, or practitioners.
  • The weekly Buddhism Forum has been conducted since May 1987. The Forum focuses on helping participants grasp the basic terminologies, concepts, and practices of Buddhism.
  • The Association organizes trips to visit Buddhist masters, scholars, and monasteries.